Pay Yourself First: Loans In Zimbabwe That Work For YOU

Does it ever seem to you like you have more money problems than everyone else? 

Everybody else always seems to have it easier than you in life. We’ve all been there. Some are worse off than others. So a lot of times we borrow money without counting the costs and end up in debt. That, of course, adds on to the whole dilemma.

The wealthiest companies in the world have all used debt financing to scale their businesses. Loans are inevitable. However, there is a big difference between good debt and bad debt

What does that mean for you?

Maybe you have a family to take care of. Or studies you have to complete. Perhaps you need a salary loan, or you have assets that can be traded for income you need right now. You have a decision to make, and you don’t want to make a bad one.

Do Loans in Zimbabwe Work For Your Good?

Let’s use some fictional prose a bit.

Meet Takudzwa.

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He’s a single father who needs to pay school fees for his 13-year old daughter. He is able to pay his rent and put food on the table, but he has no income stream to cater for his daughter’s education. He owes some of his friends at work some money, and he has no tangible ways of paying them back. He logs in to Google and searches “where to get loans in Zimbabwe” and finds one he likes. 

What advice would you give him?

Now, meet Jackie.

She’s a single mother who needs to pay school fees for her 14-year old daughter. She just paid off the last debt she owed and she has a habit of saving up everytime she gets money. She is fairly new in her organization and decides to get information about her income options. So she takes out her mobile phone and searches for “loans for civil servants in Zimbabwe”. She decides to take up an offer she finds online.

Who has better reason to take a loan between the two? Should Takudzwa get a second loan as capital for a new business perhaps? How about Jackie? She has an emergency fund capable of funding another income generating activity. Or should she use it to pay school fees for her daughter.

Let’s suppose Jackie’s savings are enough to pay her daughter’s fees for the month. Do you think getting a loan might work in her favor? I’m sure a bunch of you do.

These two scenarios reveal one of the most important principles of financial success: Pay Yourself First.

What It Means To Pay Yourself First

The principle is simple, yet difficult to implement for the most part. It means to save before you spend. Everytime. 

A good rule of thumb is to sit down and budget ahead of time. Have a plan for your money before you get it. Know what you need. Determine the percentage you want to save up every time you get money. Do that until you don’t have to think about it. 

Have clear, written goals. If there is no target, then it will be difficult to determine an appropriate amount to save. Find things you can sell. Having one source of income will not give you the life you want to live. If you pay yourself first, then loans will work in your favor. 


Do you have assets you can trade for money? Are you working out things and need a boost in income? Would you like sound advice before you make that decision?
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