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Strategy Is Everything!

What I do

I’m all about one thing: helping businesses grow through innovative, tech-savvy and current marketing strategies that work.

How does it work

We'll just go through these 4 easy steps


Understanding your business

Businesses exist to solve specific problems. The problem you solve determines your brand promise. That brand promise determines your position in the market.


Crafting the strategy

Targeted marketing campaigns are only possible where the market is well segmented. We have the help of online software today! 


Delivering the strategy

There is no victory without a game plan. It must be crafted and executed, meeting your business objectives and giving value to the customer. 


You can now enjoy the results

When a clear strategy has been implemented, the campaign is ROI positive. You can take the spoils.

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Innocent Mushamba is a young and creative digital marketing consultant. He always tries to push the envelope in discovering new ways of doing things  and in achieving sustainable results. In short, my go-to guy: the “digital crackhead”.

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